Resume Test

Digital Interactive Media Artist
Digital Interactive Media Artist adept at commanding machines to do the bidding of a creative team hell-bent on successful exploration and execution.
Creativity and Collaboration
  • Designed and consulted on game concepts for proprietary and brand IPs for clients such as Nickelodeon, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Big Idea, and Sesame Workshop
  • Constructed game levels in proprietary engines and tools
  • Nurtured talent through tutorials, best practices, critiques, and brainstorms
  • Mastered a variety of software applications for efficiency and creative results
Technical and Implementation
  • Streamlined production pipeline utilizing machines to ease manual burdens
  • Rapidly assimilated new tools and methods for seamless production integration
  • Established technical guidelines to allow the ability to maintain multiple simultaneous projects
  • Learned programming languages as needed such as Lingo, Lua, Actionscript, C#
  • Pushed the boundaries of technical feasibility to accommodate creative vision
Innovation and Exploration
  • Fostered in-house creative mentorship between artists
  • Championed R&D ’skunkworks’ team to explore forms of interactive online media
  • Iterated playable game design proof-of-concepts posted on an internal WordPress review site
  • Cut through the fog of the technical ‘how’ to focus on the creative ‘why’
Leadership and Development
  • Guided artists in overcoming technical hurdles and apprehension
  • Directed and managed vendors and contractors through production processes
  • Facilitated group discussion, projects, and lectured in weekly “Games in Society” 4 hour class
  • Founded and organized several organizations to develop local community
Emmi, Chicago, IL
04/2017 – 03/2018
Multimedia Production Artist
Multimedia production translating Adobe Animate-Flash animation files to HTML5 CreateJS canvas format. Created .jsfl command scripts to automate redundant tasks increasing efficiency manyfold. Worked in proprietary authoring tolls to finalize programs for deployment. Emmi multimedia programs are widely used to empower patients to take ownership of their health.
Scientific Games / WMS, Chicago, IL
05/2008 – 11/2016
Principal Multimedia Artist
Worked with designers and mathematicians to create iterative game design proof-of-concepts in Adobe Flash, Unity, and other proprietary production tools and platforms. These were delivered via a customized Wordpress blog to allow for internal access.
Arc Worldwide, Chicago, IL
05/2007 – 04/2008
Sr. Art Director, Rich Media Lead
Consulted and guided the processes involving design, gaming and animation for web advertising. Brought static designs to life through the creative use of animation and code to meet tight file size specifications. Deployed ad banners through PointRoll for engagement measurability. Directed and managed vendors and contractors through production processes
FlashPoint Academy, Chicago, IL
10/2007 – 01/2008
Adjunct Faculty – “Games & Society”
Taught a "Games & Society" course focusing on issues such as violence, gender, race, art, learning and advocacy in interactive new media forms specifically video games. Challenged students with creative exercises in game design while considering the broader context. Encouraged students to champion games as a valid form of human experience and expression.
Relevant Impertinence Productions, Evanston, IL
01/2005 – 08/2007
Freelance Animation Technical Producer, Director
Rapidly assimilated new tools and methods for seamless production integration. Improved established procedures to shave time in half with no loss in quality. Participated in all roles of production from scanning to video editing. Worked closely with owner/animator supporting his creative vision.
itoons / Snap2Play, Chicago, IL
09/1999 – 11/2006
Partner, Creative Technical Director, Game Designer
Bridged the gap between creative and technical and do whatever it takes to get the game fun and done. Designed and consulted on game concepts and details for proprietary and brand IPs for clients such as Nickelodeon, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Big Idea and Sesame Workshop.   Established a foundation of technical guidelines and development that helped us maximize our ability to maintain multiple simultaneous projects. Held a fearless command of any role that needed to be filled in this startup. Directed staff on creative and technical processes, and enhanced and tweaked details to make projects sparkle.
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Multimedia
Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Worked as a computer lab aide assisting students with hardware/software support
  • Interned as sysadmin in the Academic Computing department's LAN
  • Consulted as a Teacher's Assistant in a digital/traditional printmaking class
Adobe Flash/Animate
Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Audition
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Basecamp Project Management
Fogbugz task/defect management
Wiki / Confluence / Sharepoint
Version Control (VS, SVN, CVS, Perforce, Git)